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The Good Guide


Be a good giver.


It's the season to do good. And what better way than with a gift that actually delivers? We’ve carefully curated this guide of startup gifts that are not only great products, but also for the greater global good.

So if you’re looking to do some good this holiday season, give something from The Good Guide, support awesome entrepreneurs working on important issues and get all those good holiday feels for free.



Whether it’s air pollution, smog or haze, Airinum’s Urban Air Mask is the world's most advanced anti-pollution masks.



ASKET is a Stockholm-based menswear brand, based on the belief of conserving material and creating better fitting, premium wardrobe essentials.



For a monthly fee, Hyber will fill your children's wardrobe with award-winning outerwear, and swap your outgrown clothes for new ones—at no extra cost to you.



With the Karma app, you can buy delicious surplus food from restaurants, cafes, and grocery stores near you for half the price. So it’s not only good for you, but great for the environment, too.



Born in Patagonia, Karün is an eyewear brand that creates its good-for-the-earth products from repurposed materials like wood and fishnets.



TRINE brings solar energy to the 1.1 billion people in need of access to electricity, and makes it easy for people to invest in this infrastructure simply and sustainably.



Watty is an app and IoT device that helps you understand what’s happening at home, while also helping you save energy and the environment at the same time.